Girls Gymnastics

Boys Gymnastics

Ages 5 and Up

Olympic-style gymnastics on all four girls events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Our students are separated by age and skill level.


Ages 5 to 11 Co-Ed classes

Whether your child wants to learn cartwheels, aerials, or back handsprings, this program allows aspiring tumblers - and future cheerleaders - skill development from the foundation up, so the sky's the limit!

Our practice drills and stations are the keys to your child's success, and are designed to develop their strength, technique, and power.



Ages 3 and 4 Co-Ed classes

No experience needed, as this is an introductory class.

This class focuses is on motor-skill development, mass motor skills, balance, and skill name recognition.

Your little one will get gymnastic and tumbling class foundations in a fun and engaging environment.

We use smaller, "their sized," equipment so they can gain success in this sport from the very beginning! 

Ages 5 and Up

Olympic-style gymnastics offered on all six boys events: floor, vault, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse, & rings. 

Cheer Tumbling

 Ages 12 to 17 Co-Ed classes

Beginner Cheer: No experience necessary to join this class!

-Learning cartwheels, round offs, and back handsprings-

Intermediate Cheer: Can perform back handspring on soft surface unassisted.

-Teaches multiple back handspring connections and round-off back handspring, as well as back tucks (back flip)-

 Advanced Cheer: Can connect multiple skills unassisted.

-Students "move up" skills to hard surface, then add more difficulty as they start twisting!



Ages 6 to 17 Co-Ed classes

Beginner Classes: These are designed to teach proper bouncing techniques and stop bounces, along with jump progressions.

Advanced Classes: A front or back flip is required for entry into this class. They will learn advanced skills like: barani (pronounced bran-ee), cody, ball out, rudi (rude-ee), and much more!!


Acadiana Gymnastics Training Center

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