About Acadiana Gymnastics Training Center

Gary Smith founded Acadiana Gymnastics on April 1st, 1977.

Ownership was transferred to his daughter, Jessica Smith, in January 2020. 


Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful, exciting, and demanding individual sports in the world. Originating in Ancient Greece, this sport has continued to focus on combining the strength of the body with the mind; physical and intellectual development; and the ability to perform duties proficiently. Therefore, it’s no surprise that gymnastics is used as a foundation for all sports programs and is utilized by professional football teams across the entire United States.

Our Facility

We offer you over 26,000 square feet in two of the biggest and best-equipped gymnastics facilities in the area. In the first building, our focus is on Olympic artistic gymnastics – girls recreational and competitive training; The second building offers recreational or competitive (boys gymnastics, tumbling & trampoline), Ninja Zone, Kidnastics classes, and majority of our Birthday Parties.